Innovative Start-up Development Program

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sakchai Setarnawat, Dean of Faculty of Management and Tourism, Project Manager of Burapha University for Erasmus+KA2 Capacity Building for Higher Education (E-CBHE) in the frame of “Strategic IP Management for Effective R&I in Asian Higher Education (SPIRE Project)”, has developed the “Innovative Start-up Development Program” and conducted the lecture and workshop training for undergraduates and interested outsider on business-related and company representatives in between 18 May 2018 to 17 June 2018 for 3 batches. Which more than 150 of the participants attended and acknowledged on this project contribute. With this project, Asst. Prof. Dr.Boonyarath Pratoomchat, Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Center of Burapha University had invited to be one of the guest speaker as IP expert as well.